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Wonderland Conference - Miami 2023

Health Optimisation Summit - London 2023

Third Wave Summit - 2022

Sexual Health Alliance - 2022

Sexual Health Expo



Sex + Psychedelics

Deepening Connections: Dr. Cat Meyer on Sexuality, Spirituality, and Psychedelics - Modern Enlightenment by Ceremonia

Dr. Cat Meyer: Sex, Psychedelics & the Psychedelic Wild West | Medicine for These Times: The Psychedelic Entrepreneur with Beth Weinstein

Psychedelics and Sexual Awakenings | Diving Deep with Destin: Sex, Love, and Evolution

Canadian Association of Psychedelics - Erosynthesis  | Sex, Love and Psychedelics

Double Blind - Meet the Magical Jack Frost Mushroom

Double Blind - Blue Molly May More Easily Disguise Adulterants, Experts Say 

Sex and Psychedelics | Wonderland 2023 | Discover the Future of Wellness

MAPS Podcast | Episode 69 - Dr. Cat Meyer; Sex, Trauma and Psychedelics

Using Sex and Psychedelics to Heal with Dr. Cat Meyer | Why Isn't Everyone Doing This? with Emily Fletcher

How to Navigate Sex on Molly | Dr. Cat Meyer - Double Blind Magazine

Sex Therapist's Secrets to Longevity and a Better Sex Life | Dr. Cat Meyer - The Longevity & Lifestyle Podcast

Ecstatic Dance is a Trip With (or Without) Psychedelics - Double Blind Magazine

15 Empowering Female Led Podcasts You Need To Listen To - LA Weekly

Sex + Psychedelics with Dr Cat Meyer - Open Late Podcast

Ketamine Therapy: Sexual Healing + Deeper Connections with Dr Cat Meyer - That Sex Chick


Can Psychedelics Save Your S-x Life? - The Deep Dive Podcast

The Healing Power of Sex and Psychedelics with Dr. Cat Meyer - Dr. Kinney Show

Sex + Psychedelics with Dr. Cat - Open Deeply Podcast


Sacred Kink/BDSM

How to Experience a Sexual Awakening - This Tantric Life with Layla Martin

Single AF –BDSM, Herpes Taboo, Pleasure Practices

Sexology Podcast–How Vanilla + Kink Can Live Happily Ever After

Sexuality & Culture (Academic Journal) — Vanilla & Kink: Power and Communication in Marriages with a BDSM-Identifying Partner

Sacred Kink with Dr Cat Meyer - P.S I Love Me


I Kink Therefore I am - Life is a Festival Podcast


Angel with Dr Cat Meyer on BDSM, Relationship Agreements, and Making Consent Sexy AF

Polyamory + Open Relating

The Doctor is In: Healthy Poly Dynamics with Dr Cat Meyer - OK, Babe

Horizontal with Lila –Threesomes & Consent

ClitTalk–Non-Monogamy and Polyamory


Trauma Healing

Double Blind - Ecstatic Dance is a Trip With (or Without) Psychedelics

Surgery as Ceremony: Transforming Medical Procedures into Sacred Rituals | Wonderland 2023

Elevated Intimacy Podcast - Attachment Theory, Expectations, + Communication

Breathwork for Sex, Calm, Yoga, and Self-Regulation with Dr. Cat Meyer | Get Naked with Dr Kate


Meet Dr. Cat Meyer - Canvas Rebel

Heal Thy Self - Dr G's Sleep Ritual, Sleep Supplements Review, and Guest Dr Cat Meyer

The Deep Dive - A Breakdown of Attachment Theory with Dr Cat Meyer


Tuff Love–The Truth about Attachment Theory

Can you breathe your way to a better relationship?


Sex + Sensuality

DOES SIZE MATTER with Sex Therapist Dr. Cat Meyer | Three Gs in a Pod

Othership Intimacy Series 

Sex Therapist's Secrets to Longevity and a Better Sex Life | Dr. Cat Meyer

How to Become Your Own Pleasure Activist with Dr Cat Meyer - Fempower Health

The Secret to your Best Orgasm! - Heal Thyself

Benefits of Fantasy in Dating - Pussy Priestess

Porn Hub - Various Articles + Sex Ed Videos

Sex, Belonging,+ Inclusivity with Dr Cat Meyer - The Dojo: Living Beyond the Edge

Sexual Healing with Dr Cat - Pretty Mental

Reclaiming the Power of Our Sensuality and Sexuality with Dr Cat Meyer - Conscious Conversion

How Long Should You Wait to Sleep with Someone? - The Deep Dive with Adam Roa

Sex Love + Yoga with Dr Cat Meyer - Intimate Conversations with Allana Pratt

Higher Sex - Let's Get Sensual with Dr Cat Meyer

The UNcivilized Podcast - How Men Can Be Better Lovers

Sluts + Scholars - SexLoveYoga with Dr Cat Meyer

Sexual Health Magazine - Threesomes + Moresomes

Rosebud Woman - Spacious Sensuality in a Mad World

OK, Babe - Sex Therapy + Social Conditioning

Get it Girl on LATV -Sexual Healing

Grounded Sleep Podcast - Healing Relationships in Sleep

Sexology Podcast - Ways to Upgrade Your Sex Life with Sex Experts 

Long Distance Love Bombs - How You can Improve Your Sex + Love Life

Deep Dive with Adam Roa - Learning to Listen to Your Body

United We Slay on Ruckus Avenue Radio (LIVE) 

Black LTD Radio with Krystal Tantric Yogi - Healing Through Divine Sexuality

Sexy Lifestyle Podcast - SEXLOVEYOGA at Burning Man

Sexy Lifestyle Podcast - SEXLOVEYOGA RETREATS

Uplifting Content–Embodiment, Science of Play, and Relationships

Girl Insta-rupted–Wild and Wet Worthy

Ask The Pussy Crew–Sexual Energy, Embodiment, Body Self-Criticism

Ignite Intimacy –Valentine’s Day Edition

What’s Trending with Shira Lazara on live radio Channel Q

How to be a MF Legend –Power of Play

Ignite Intimacy –Getting Over Break-ups, Power of Play, & Jealousy

How to be a MF Legend — Body Intelligence

The Sexy Lifesyle with Carol and David on VoiceAmerica Radio

Sensual Intelligence TV with Fern Olivia

23 Experts’ Exotic Tips for Valentine’s Day

Let’s Get INformation Podcast with Alexa Silvaggio: Sex, Savoring, and Sublime Living with Dr. Cat

Your Love Accomplice (Podcast) with Christina Weber: Sex!

Expert Writer for Consumer Health Digest

Featured speaker on yoga for intimacy and Sexycises at Sexual Health Expo 2017: SHE 2017

LAWeekly: 5 Important Things We Learned about Sex From Experts at the Sexual Health Expo

Co-producer for Ava Cadell’s latest book and instructional video: Sexycises 

Sexycises by Sexperts

Resident Blogger for

Elephant Journal: The Attraction of the Emotionally Unavailable

Spark Magazine: 6 Lessons You Can Learn About Intimacy Through Transformational Festivals

Insider Health: 6 Yoga-Inspired Sex Positions That Offer Pleasure and A Good Stretch

My workshops at major festivals and conferences are all about embracing playfulness and intimacy with the self and others.

Host of Past Playboy Radio’s show: The Couch

Current Host of Sex Love Psychedelics Podcast

Current Host of Erotically Wasted Podcast

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