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My personal journey consists of lengthy chapters of my life

feeling like I was crawling out of my skin, ZERO libido, averse to

touch + deepening intimacy, yet craving the connection, none-the-less. 

Yoga was the first experience of feeling calm, connected, + safe in my body. I can even recall that internal peace + quiet that overtook me during savasana. It was in that moment that I realized I could feel something different than the intense anxiety + tension that shook my body on a daily. “No more,” as I promised my body to never abandon her again.

This inspired my lifelong dedication to discovering more about the voice of my body claiming the fullest spectrum of my erotic expression. 

Of course the path wasn’t straight + took me down some windy roads of overworking to exhaustion + uncharted paths down non-traditional communities + modalities of healing. I even got lost there a few times, only to find that it was carving the character of who I am + all I know the entire time.

This mantra inspired my course. Feeling the points of resistance + choosing to continue forward became a game for me. Where else could I unearth more parts of myself? 

Yet, on the other side of these lessons + teachers, I discovered that the greatest lesson was that there was nothing to construct or create, but rather undo. Undoing the negative messages of my past upbringing, socially constructed ideas of the womxn’s body, sex, desirability, + becoming more of my most raw, real, version of myself. 


I am on a mission to help others become more “undone” so that they can fully claim their most raw + authentic erotic self --- whatever that looks like for them.

“LEAN into the discomfort of your leading edge”


I know the relationship we have with

sex + our bodies is a COMPLICATED one.

I'm here to tell you, it doesn’t need to be.


From Tantra to BDSM to sex + trauma psychology, psychedelics, yoga, + the modern sciences, I see healing from a holistic lens that encapsulates all the parts of ourselves, not just the mental or physical.

My approach is inclusive of all expressions + integrates the mind, body, spirit, + the energy that moves through it all. 


I also believe that healing needs to be accessible to EVERYONE.  That is why I have multiple opportunities to help you on your journey to creating deeply fulfilling, prosperous relational + sexual lives.


Whether that’s working with me through my private practice in Los Angeles, workshops, podcasts, online programs + transformational retreats, I want you to have access + permission to know + be MORE of yourself.

Dr. Cat Meyer, PsyD, LMFT is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex, trauma, and ketamine-assisted therapy (KAP), author, yoga teacher, and international speaker dedicated to evolving the relationship we have surrounding sexuality and our bodies. Dr Cat is the founder of, an online platform integrating various schools of thought including science, tantra, yoga, and psychedelic therapy,  designed to help people create a deeply fulfilling, prosperous relational and sexual life. As an expert and published researcher on the topic of sexual health, Dr. Cat sees clients in her private practice office in Los Angeles and leads workshops, lectures, and retreats internationally.  She is the author of the book sexloveyoga. Dr. Cat is the host of the podcasts Sex Love Psychedelics and Erotically Wasted, co-founder of Un.done women’s sensual yoga experience.

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