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Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

Ketamine is a safe anesthetic agent that has been used in medical procedures for for over 50 years. Used in sub-anesthetic doses, ketamine has been shown to have a powerful + accelerating affect in aiding in mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, suicidality, eating disorders, + trauma. Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is combining the unique properties of ketamine with talk + somatic psychotherapy in order to accelerate a healing process. It supports the innate healing potential in each individual by cultivating their ability to be with their emotions, pain, + distressing memories without the dysregulating affect that can occur in an ordinary state of mind.

Ketamine creates a non-ordinary, psychedelic-like state of consciousness that allows one to experience transcendental, and sometimes spiritual, experiences that can aide in resolving personal problems + more optimization of life. What we often see in clients is a reported experience of improved emotional states, empathy, loving-kindness + compassion towards self + others, and inner peace.

It also works on blocking glutamate receptors which has been found in research to have a powerful affect in depression. 

In my work as a sex therapist, I have found ketamine to be a powerful tool in challenges related to sex + intimacy. My practice supports individuals + couples in the experiential exploration of their relationship to their bodies, sex, + their partner in a deeper, uniquely expansive way.

I have been speaking + training clinicians on this approach to sexual healing + am excited to offer that to my clients.

We can discuss what your goals are for this work that will help identify the best course of treatment for you. Treatment includes preparation, ketamine-application sessions, + integration. We work together with a physician to ensure that you are a good candidate for this type of therapy + what process of application is suitable.

The cost of this treatment varies depending upon the package + number of sessions we agree would be appropriate + beneficial for you. These packages include the medical eval, prep + initial therapy sessions, ketmine-assisted therapy sessions, and integration sessions after each.

Right now I am offering private individual or couples multi-KAP session packages ($4000-$10K) or a cost effective group format individual or couples packages.Ketamine is a cumulative substance, meaning it is best when multiple sessions weekly occur alongside psychotherapy.

We can discuss what would be the best path for you. 

Cost includes the fee of therapist + prescribing physician, as well as, the ketamine medication. Ketamine-applied sessions are 2 hours in length.


Presently, insurance does not yet reimburse the application of ketamine; however, we can discuss ways in which the sessions can be partially compensated based on psychotherapy coding and we will provide billing whenever possible.

Psychedelic Integration + Harm Reduction Therapy

I can also assist clients in processing and integrating a wide range of transpersonal experiences that may occur through shamanic + psychedelic /entheogenic work. My role here is in helping clients make sense of their experience + implement any insights from the abstract space into concrete reality + actionable steps to transform their everyday. Sometimes our experiences with psychedelics or with the facilitators can be challenging + re-traumatizing. Sometimes clients access memories of previous abuse + trauma that were not accessible before. I am skilled in helping clients process + move through to find groundedness, sense, + relief again.



For more information + discussion about whether this could be a good fit for you, email me from the contact page. 

For more information, pricing, + availability for my sex + trauma therapy practice without ketamine-assisted, check out my Psychology Today page, here.

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