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Here you will find our online programs that you can take in the comfort and privacy of your own home or wherever you are!


We believe that we should always be able to take our time in sex, so our programs reflect the same.


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Jump start that sensual, embodied lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about. In this 14 day initiation, I give you my best guidance on breaking into the lifestyle of sensuality.

Let’s make sensuality a baseline for your life.  If you are craving a lifestyle of greater ease and sensuality in the body, these two weeks will transform your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body.

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The erotic woman is in deep connection with her body, savoring the potent energy that exists in her pleasure. She finds confidence in her worth without the exclusion of others, reveling in the expression of each + everyone’s desires. She is rich with curiosity for the new, the strange, + the fun, + the edgy.


The erotic woman is a SEX QUEEN.


In this 6 week container, I guide you through my signature course designed to help you undo negative cultural programing around sex, come back to your body, discover what’s blocking you, inspire your inner seductress, + have the best sex of your life! Meet your full spectrum erotic self, Queen.

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Blending the allure of conscious kink with the sacred practice of neo-tantra, we will entertain the full spectrum of our erotic expressions.

Dancing between the darkness + the light.


Immersing ourselves into the world of your wildest fantasies where adventure + sacredness engage.


Next LIVE cohort starts on Oct 2nd. Are you joining?



This 7 week course is designed to transform your sex life--no matter your gender.

If you're curious about BDSM, oral sex, energetic orgasms, or power play, I've got you.

You deserve to have dripping wet, hot sex that makes you shiver for more. 


In Sex Love Psychedelics we will explore principles of psychology, psychedelic harm reduction, erotic energetics, BDSM, power play, polarity, pleasure + sex skills to help you explore the infinite playground of your erotic expression. 



Stretch your imagination + ground your erotic discovery inside this Sensual Sundays series.

Inside this 75 minute class, Erotic Vision Board will give you the tools to help you tap into your curiosity + creativity around your erotic goals.

From there, we will be able to co-create your practical (but oh so sexy) game plan for stepping into your next version of your erotic self.

Let’s discover + activate that sexual spark of yours so we can make it the sexiest year YET!



Learn to use flowers to amplify your sex life with this Sensual Sundays series.

Sex, Love, + Plant Medicine will guide you through the exciting world of the medicinal + erotic properties of plants to help you tap into greater depths of consciousness + sexual energy.

Join this 75 minute class that to expand your wisdom around the erotic power of plant medicine while grounding your discovery into practical tips, recipes, + sacred rituals to amplify your sex life.


You will leave here feeling vibrant, activated, + erotically inspired.


Want to keep it hot?

Access my weekly pleasure report dripping in erotic inspiration + tools to elevate your sex, love, + yoga.

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A slow-flow sensual yoga experience for women to support dropping into our bodies + learning to feel ourselves from the inside. 

" I just did the beautiful Undone class. It was such a beautiful and safe environment. I was just with myself and my body in a way that in a lot of other places would be. It was really vulnerable, Cat creates just as safe space. I could just relax into myself, and know that I was in the company of non-judgemental space. It was really beautiful and let me slow down and breath and let go of my thinking mind, really be in the moment. I feel rejuvenated and rested. The musical journey was beautiful and Cat holds a safe space. Thank you. It was a wonderful experience."


- Julia Grace



Image by Jared Rice

​Imagine surrendering yourself to the ways of the EROTIC NATURE OF THE LAND.


Revived by the SHINE of the stars that beam brightly overhead + the salt of the air on the tip of your tongue.

The lush, wet, green + exotic floral fills your nose + AWAKENS YOUR SENSES. 

Your body BUZZES from the excitement of that comes with the eagerness to dive into self-discovery, play + empowerment.

NO ONE knows where you are.

Your phone, long forgotten.

NOTHING for you to be obliged to do.

Except allow yourself to become undone + passionately alive.


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Love + Leather Couples Retreat 2023 

Un.done: Rewilding in Tulum 2019, 2022

Ignite: Women’s Sexual Empowerment Retreat

Discovering Intimacy: Couples Retreat

Refresh: Women’s Weekend Immersion

Chinese Women’s Sexuality Retreat: Thailand

Chinese Women’s Sexuality Retreat: China

Goddess Celebrations 2016-2018

Ignite: Women's Sexual Empowerment  Retreat

Discovering Intimacy:

Couples Retreat

Refresh: Women's Weekend Immersion

Chinese Women's Sexuality Retreat in Thailand 

Chinese Women's Sexuality Retreat in China

Goddess Celebrations:


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