Ready to cut that cord + be FREE from attachment to your former lover?

Cutting Cords + Reclaiming Our Freedom Meditation

We may continue to be attached to this human by our thoughts, flashbacks, influence on how we see the world and make decisions.

Until we acknowledge the role they played for us in our lives, it can be difficult to let it go to move forward.

You’re not alone. I’ve spent the last ten years passionately helping clients heal from breakups, shift negative relationships patterns and fall back in love.

As a gift to you, I made a free meditation that will help guide you through a process of understanding the relationship + what you've learned so you can take the wisdom but leave the cords, baggage and emotional pain behind. 


Ready To Take The Next Step on Your Healing Journey? 


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If you want to dive in deeper to excavate the golden wisdoms from your last relationship, join me for a 21 day mini course on healing the heartbreak. 

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