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Sex Love Psychedelics
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Psycho-sexual conversations + guest experts on topics of sex, love, and the psyche. Whether we are analyzing the complexities of love, giving tips on energetic orgasms, or getting off on the latest research in psychedelics, it’s going to be DEEP.


Read my article contributions, watch my lectures, + listen to my interviews

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Come work with the medicine.



with dr. cat

group retreats

private immersions

Have individual guidance into the depths of your psyche. Dr Cat’s work is inspired by her training with Internal Family Systems, sex therapy, Somatic EMDR, psychedelic-assisted therapies, Tantra, BDSM, reiki, + ceremonial work. She is an active participant in the sessions to facilitate a deepening of the work. Sessions are provided in packages, supported with prep + post integration for the optimal experience with lasting change.

For those seeking to join a pre-scheduled retreat. These are designed for couples + for femme only to deepen the sensual + romantic connection. Retreats include ketamine-assisted group therapy, as well as, somatic-bases + internal family systems parts work to foster a deeper connection into the resistances of the body + of the relationship. Kouples Konnection + Exhale Femme

For those seeking an intensive through a potent, condensed, container. These are uniquely curated for the individual, private group, or couple to fit the needs requested. Packages can include psychedelic-assisted therapy, sex therapy, trauma work, relationship therapy, tantric BDSM activations, + more. Immersions can be paired with extra facilitators + body work experiences (not with Dr Cat) as requested + co-designed.

Starting at $5k + up depending on amenities. Please fill out this request form + a client coordinator will schedule a call with you.

Come work with the medicine.


Sex Love Psychedelics - Un.done Yoga - Dr. Cat Meyer


This monthly online LIVE class is a brilliant blend of a short yoga sequence to connect us to the body, ecstatic dance to expand the body, + breathwork to crack open the body. What makes this class so unique is that we come together to practice in our underwear (whatever that means for you), letting go of self-judgment and getting to know what it feels like for our skin to touch skin as we move the way our body wants to. Class is followed by an integration circle to ground + connect with community.

Sex Love Psychedelics - Online Programs - Dr. Cat Meyer

online programs

You discovered the power + confidence of your eroticism. Now, continue to learn how to feed + grow it with one of my signature online courses. Awaken your sensuality. Master the art of Tantric BDSM. Explore the depths of your erotic femme. All on your own time + pace.

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couples devotional

This is a monthly online LIVE class designed for couples to connect through eros. Each month will have a different theme with different sensual skills + experiences to warm the body, mind, + hearts of the couple. All relationship configurations are welcome. Consistency is your key to long-term love + aliveness.

Erosynthesis -  Sex Love Psychedelics - Dr. Cat Meyer

The founder of the only publicly recognized integration protocol for sex + psychedelics in the world. Combining intricate embodiment skills + concepts from Tantra, BDSM, Greek mythos, + trauma psychology to support individuals + couples seeking safe + powerful tools for erotic activation + integration. Taught to academic audiences + mainstream audiences alike with an emphasis on harm reduction. 



Dr. Cat Meyer - World renowned leader in the movement of sexuality + psychedelics.

Dr. Cat Meyer - World reowned leader in the movement of sexuality and psychedelics
Dr. Cat Meyer - World reowned leader in the movement of sexuality and psychedelics

I have been working as a sex therapist for 13+ years + started my company SexLoveYoga in 2016. I have been in the ceremonial psychedelic work for over 10 years + working clinically with ketamine-assisted therapy (3 yrs) + kambo medicine (4 yrs). 


I published research on sex in the academic journal: Sex + Culture, as well as, my first book sexloveyoga. I also founded the Erosynthesis model for integration of sex + psychedelics, which I have presented publicly to academics.


I have spoken on stages around the world, including Wonderland in Miami, Health Optimisation Summit in London,  the Sexual Health Expo in LA,and for organizations like YPO and EO. I have also spoken for professionals in the field of sexuality and for psychedelics through the Psychedelic Association of Canada, Sexual Health Alliance and Third Wave. 


Over the years, I’ve expanded my knowledge of sex + personal development by studying with top international teachers, academia, ceremonialists, as well as, personally immersing myself in communities to expand the edges of myself both erotically and spiritually. These explorations took me into communities and traditions like BDSM, Neo-tantra/sacred sexuality, swinger/polyamory, plant medicine ceremony cultures, + psychedelics.

Having this personal experience + depth of education, provides me the comprehensive perspective that both understands complex concepts in trauma, sex, + transcendence, as well as, links the similarities + variabilities among it all.


With the influence of all my teachers + traditions at my back, I believe that working with me is psychedelic. It’s like its own ceremony. My clients come to me + we slow everything down so that they may get in touch with + understand the myriad of parts that exist within them. I believe that many of us struggle with maladaptive patterns because we have not had a safe space to get to know ourselves without shame + blame. I provide a container for safe exploration, falling apart, chaotic feelings, + uncertainties, so that each person can begin to unwind physically, mentally, + emotionally, the entanglement that’s been there for years. 


The work that I do with ketamine-assisted therapy brings clients through a deep experience of themselves where we get to meet and understand the perspectives of the parts that are getting in the way of their goals, be that satisfying sex, love, or vibrancy in life. There’s a process I guide clients through that connects them with intention, as well as tools of introspection, to support their ketamine journey inward. As a facilitator, I am holding them in the process, and supporting their integration, both in identifying the symbolism, as well as, infusing the wisdom back into their everyday life.


When women or couples come to my retreats, they are stepping into a curated world of sensuality, erotic fantasy, + wild expression. They get to explore who they are as erotic individuals + lean into the edges of what they don’t know about themselves. Because of my background in trauma work, I am also very well equipped to support individuals through moments in which their trauma may be activated. When it comes to topics of sex, many of us have complicated relationships, past distressing memories, or trauma that may be impeding our health + vibrancy. Experiential retreats, like the ones I lead, can be powerful catalysts for growth.

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