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Here you will find our online programs that you can take in the comfort and privacy of your own home or wherever you are! We also believe that we should always be able to take our time in sex, so our programs reflect the same.

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LOVE.body for Women

This unique 6 week program guides women through reclaiming their desired lives, bodies, and sexuality with pre-recorded and live videos incorporating psychology, yoga specific for women’s health, self-pleasure practices, hormone health and nutrition, pelvic floor work, and mindful practices around menstruation.

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Navigating Jealousy in Relationships


Jealousy doesn’t have to be a human experience that we hide or shame or pretend isn’t there. When we can really understand what’s coming up for us, it can be a powerful tool in helping us understand what we need to continue to lead the life + love that we want. In this hour-long masterclass + material, I’ll be taking you through a journey of self-inquiry + skill sets to get you feeling empowered again. 

Dropping the Hook from Past Lovers


A 21 day mini course on turning the breakup into a catalyst for our own personal evolution. Here we will learn the lessons we needed to. We reclaim ourselves as author to our own story + find what it meanst to be US again. Finally releasing the hooks that continue to leak us of our personal energy + potential. 


SexLoveYoga for Couples


SexLoveYoga is a 5 week course for couples to delve deep into traditional yoga, acro yoga, and modern day psychology for the ultimate lesson in sensual, sexual experiences. You’ll receive weekly instructional videos and partner yoga classes designed to help you drop out of your busy brain and back into your fully embodiment. (Releasing Soon)

Check it out!

Digital Seduction 


Welcome to the provocative world of Digital Seduction, where couples are immersed in a sensory-guided experience designed to ignite passion, inspire sensuality, and incite play. Couples will experience the pleasure of feeling turned on, embodied, + deeply connected to the playful, sexual side of their relationship. All classes are LIVE. Check out the schedule for the next coming experience.

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In.body Sexploration


In In.Body SEXploration, we dive into real + honest conversations around sexuality. In this safe container, you have the opportunity to explore taboo topics, vulnerable shares, and unique challenges that may be inhibiting you from being fully expressed and feeling fully empowered in your own sacred sexuality.

This rousing class opens with a brief embodiment practice to help you ground into your body and is followed by an in-depth discussion. 

*This class is part of the premium membership of the CREATE community. 

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