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No topic is off-limits.

No topic is off limits as we dive deep into the potency of psychedelics in enhancing connectivity, deepening intimacy, unlocking sexual blockages, and catalyzing self-discovery. This conscious, candid exploration of psychedelics' transformational potential aims to open minds, dissolve stigma, and empower attendees with wisdom around merging two primal human drives. Come ready to challenge assumptions, open your heart, and tap into profound new dimensions of love, sexuality, and relationships.

Cat Meyer, Psychotherapist. Author & Founder of SexLoveYoga

Dr. Cat Meyer, PsyD, LMFT is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex, trauma, and psychedelics. She is also a ceremonialist, author, teacher of yoga, and international speaker dedicated to evolving the relationship we have surrounding sexuality and our bodies. Through her company SexLoveYoga, she leads online workshops, sensual retreats, + ketamine-assisted retreats for couples. She is also the host of Sex Love Psychedelics podcast.

Wonderland is the place to discover the fascinating worlds of psychedelic medicine, mental health, and longevity. An immersive environment, our conference programming and experience floor unites industry leaders, groundbreaking researchers, and passionate enthusiasts to explore synergies and untapped potential within these fields. Join thousands of attendees as we unlock the secrets to a brighter future.

Listen to Dr. Cat Meyer as a featured Speaker at Sex and Psychedelics | Wonderland 2023 | Discover the Future of Wellness

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