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SEX. About that night...Digital Seduction: Touch

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

It was the first night of our Digital Seduction: Touch, couples digital immersive experience. Now, I’ve done a workshops live + I see a lot of clients online, but I was not quite sure how this experience would translate. Would people be able to drop into a sexy mind + body space with their lover if I was not holding a physical container for them?

My expectations were blown out of the water.

The event started with the beautiful vocals of Desi Valentine as people trickled in.

As it all unfolded, I guided everyone in experiential activities designed to connect themselves with their sensual self + then with their partner.

Like, imagine my voice on #EroticallyWasted podcast X10

The concept of sensuality can sometimes feel intimidating when we don't consider ourselves as sensual people. Here we break it down so you can experience it + replicate it for future play.

After everyone was intoxicated on their own sensuality, Nayef Zarrour guided everyone in a sensual Thai massage. We set up multiple camera angles so everyone had a great view + could easily follow along. Nayef's playful character brought in the sensual, sexy vibes for couples to drop into.

It was incredible to witness couples in their own spaces take this opportunity to really be intimate with one another.

Laced through with the SEXIEST of music (curated by moi) + a sexy AF live tantra massage by Divine Play throughout the workshop, attendees were left feeling embodied, slowed down, + sensual.

As we came to a close, I could feel the heat radiating through my screen.


And so the couples trickled off to continue stoking the flames that were built-up.

I don’t know what to tell you except, you missed out if you weren’t there. Hahaha.

Check out our schedule of upcoming classes here.

See you in the digital!

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