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Psychedelics can reveal some powerful insights + perspectives for us. And we need to be careful not to act from urgency on what we see but instead, take the time to contemplate the symbolism, allow our energy to settle, and notice patterns, transference, protective parts, + rituals to ground our bodies.

There is a fascinating aspect of psychedelics in the brain that makes us feel conviction.

As a result, we feel we have the TRUTH.

And we may feel a sense of urgent energy to make an immediate action or change.

But before you go + tell the cutie on the far side of the ceremony circle that you two were Egyptian Royalty in a past life, reunited for a sacred mission in this lifetime.

OR decide to become an underground facilitator yourself because it helped save your life…let’s take a beat and do the work to discover what this could mean for you—through the symbolism of the material rather than the literal.

I’m not saying these spaces aren’t magical or that you aren’t accessing something higher than your human self. I welcome all of those perspectives.

What I am saying is to take time to reflect.

Your subconscious works in symbols. There may be deeper meaning or pattern revelation here that you’ll miss if you only take this at the surface level.

I'm all about this work.

I’m here to further the conversation more profound than just trips + sexy enhancement.

Let’s talk about the power + reverence for process.

⚠️ Have you ever acted out of urgent “truth”? What happened?


Dr. Cat Meyer, PsyD, LMFT, is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex, trauma, and psychedelics in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. She is also a ceremonialist, author, teacher of yoga, and international speaker dedicated to evolving the relationship surrounding sexuality and our bodies. Through her company, SexLoveYoga, she leads online workshops, sensual retreats, + ketamine-assisted retreats for couples. She is also the host of Sex Love Psychedelics podcast.

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