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Dr. Cat Meyer recognized as 1 of 15 Empowering Female-Led Podcasts You Need to Listen to

Dr. Cat Meyer, a renowned psychotherapist specializing in Sex, Trauma, and Psychedelics, is revolutionizing the field with her unique approach. Through her ketamine-infused psychotherapy, she creates a safe and transformative space for clients to explore their inner selves, heal maladaptive patterns, and unravel emotional entanglements. With notable research published in Sexuality and Culture and her book “SexLoveYoga,” Dr. Cat combines psychology, human behavior, and poetry to provide deep validation and inspiration for growth.

A sought-after speaker, Dr. Cat has graced prestigious stages worldwide, including the Health Optimisation Summit and Sexual Health Expo. Her company, SexLoveYoga, combines yoga philosophy and trauma work to offer a holistic approach to sexual health, trauma therapy, and LGBTQ+ support. Drawing from personal experiences in communities like Tantra, BDSM, and indigenous plant medicine, Dr. Cat provides compassionate and comprehensive guidance while challenging societal stigmas.

Driven by her vision of being surrounded by sexual liberation, Dr. Cat has developed psychedelic-assisted training programs for therapists and facilitators. She plans to expand her sensuality retreats to incorporate legal ketamine sessions and psychedelics. Currently working on a comprehensive book, she is weaving together her expertise to inspire personal growth, erotic inspiration, and profound healing.

Dr. Cat Meyer is reshaping sex therapy, trauma healing, and psychedelic-assisted therapy through her podcast, Erotically Wasted, and Love Sex and Psychedelics. She empowers individuals to embrace their authentic selves, overcome trauma, and unlock profound transformation.

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