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The one holiday that is socially “appropriate” to dress like a slutty nurse or nun.

An indication as to how many of us are harboring shadows around our own sexuality, because of past trauma, religion, patriarchy, inherited beliefs in our families, media.

We wait until we have cultural permission to excuse the ass-baring tulle skirt or lingerie with mouse ears: “it’s not me, it’s my costume.” All the while, we’ve been secretly waiting for this moment to embody our naughty girl or boy + be witnessed by others.

It’s this stigma around sexual expression that causes us to segment these parts of us, rather than integrate them as the truth of our wholeness:

I can't be a sexually expressed person while I’m also asking for respect + boundaries.

I can't be a sexually expressed person + be taken seriously professionally.

I can't be a sexually expressed person + a community leader.

We actually cannot separate sexuality from being a person. We can choose not to have sex or desire or turn-on or pleasure, but sexuality is still a massive element of coming into this world.

As we notice the thoughts in our minds “does this make me look slutty?” “Is it ok to wear this?” “How is someone going to think of me if I wear this?” Contemplate where these came from?

In episode 106 of Eat Play Sex podcast, I dive into these questions as the 1st episode of my 4 part Sensual Series. Because we’ve made + continue to perpetuate a world where it can feel unsafe to step outside wearing + expressing how we want.

And right now it puts the question: “Who owns my body?”
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