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Healing of Sexual Trauma through Ketamine

That being less in your head and more in your body makes for a much better connection sexually.

MDMA, Ketamine

Ketamine allows me to relax and find a trance-like focus that will enable me to let go and enjoy sex more completely. I feel more pleasure, which leads to bigger and better orgasms.

On ketamine self, the pleasure felt like having sex with myself more than masturbating. It felt like making love to myself.

Ketamine was about pain and pleasure being ways of intensifying each other. Then, in another session, I realised to enjoy my fun without grasping/pushing/pulling with a scarcity mentality… I realised no one was trying to take it away from me.

My ketamine journeys often felt orgasmic even when the content wasn’t sexual. I haven’t entirely made meaning of that. Still, my revelation is more regarding the intense connection with my partner, which made me become and want to be more sexual as a way to tap into the connectedness that I was witnessing on ketamine. (Ketamine treatments under doctor supervision, not recreational).

Ketamine. We are deeply connected through a universal web of love.

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