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How Do Psychedelics + Ketamine Impact Our Sex + Love Lives?

There is a void of research focusing on the benefits of psychedelics for sex and sexual health. And yet, many individuals believe that it enhanced or healed their relationship with sex and their bodies.

I have spoken on stages, sharing how psychedelics were a significant part of healing the childhood trauma, contributing to healing my self-view. Since September 2022, I have started collecting anecdotal data about individuals’ experiences around sexuality psychedelics.

As of today, over 600 responded, and I have identified common themes around questions of psychedelics + love and psychedelics + sex. Here’s what I found.

In the question about love, I asked:

What was your biggest revelation regarding sex that you had while on psychedelics?

I identified themes of:

  • More expressed emotional intimacy + vulnerability

  • Realization of Depth of Love

  • Interconnectedness

More expressed emotional intimacy and vulnerability.

  • Deeper intimacy. See their true, uninhibited self. He has more capacity for depth and intimacy than I thought

  • Empathy and compassion. Telling the truth. Allowing people to be who they are and not trying to change them. Everyone is trying their best with the information they have

  • While on MDMA, I witnessed (in a hallucinatory way) armour falling off my psyche, and a new, intense level of openness of emotions and expressions poured out from me. I felt a raw, beautiful, erotic satisfaction in laying out every detail of my desires to my partner. Our conversation became a blissfully erotic and deeply soul-fulfilling journey into realms I had held most private for decades. There was a sense of relief, empowerment, joy and limitlessness from the experience, which continues to fuel me in most of my waking moments.

  • Ability to say what is on your mind and have trust with my wife. Cannabis

  • MDMA. It took the fear, anxiety and guardedness away.

  • Pure love exchange is the ability to say things you feel uncomfortable while not on drugs. LSD, MDMA

  • Molly kratom mushrooms, mescaline deeper connection and ability to let go of inhibitions.

The realisation of Depth of Love

  • The depth of love I feel for myself, my partner, others, and life overall. That’s been the most deeply felt with MDMA.

  • Mushrooms. Just how deep my love is for her and how many times I have loved her.

  • Ayahuasca, seeing clearly how much my partner loved me and wanted to make me feel good, how difficult it is for me to receive their love, and how I need to work so much harder to receive it.

  • MDMA - How deep my love for him is. He is my person, and we have a soul-level connection I don’t think we would have realised we had without MDA

  • While I was on MDMA with my ex-wife, I realised that we were the same person regarding sex. We had precisely the same kinks and fantasies. Wow!

  • On LSD, I realised that despite my fear and uncertainty around commitment, I love her and don't need to make it more complicated.

  • That I am hopelessly in love with her and deeply and profoundly connected. Also, we both have a depth and understanding that is infinite. Psilocybin and LSD.


  • Cannabis. Completely connected - all of us.

  • Ketamine. We are deeply connected through a universal web of love.

  • A sense of oneness and connection with my partner and the entire universe = love = god (MDMA)

  • stop overthinking, to not be so hard on myself, to stand tall, proud, with confidence, with warrior-like strength yet still be openly and em

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