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How long should you wait before sleeping with someone?

How long should you wait before sleeping with someone?

A question I think is important for us to ask each situation.

Because as much as magazines want to tell us it’s 3 dates, 1 month, 3 months...the truth of the matter is there’s no magic number.

Nor is there a cookie cutter map for everyone. Nor is there a guaranteed certainty that works for each person you date.

What we do have are questions that if we reflect on, I believe we can come to an answer that is in most alignment for us…with this particular person.

Asking ourselves: what does sex mean to us?

When we can define constructs for ourselves, I believe it can help us better understand our actions + that of others. When we don’t take the time to identify what we mean by something, they can rule us unconsciously and/or contribute to misinterpretations between others.

Sex is a charged word that has a plethora of meaning.

What action does it include?

Is it a precursor to a committed relationship?

Do we have fear around it?

How do we perceive the role of ourselves in it?

Does it have to have an orgasm to be successful?

Who initiates? When?

Does it contribute to your feeling of worth?

Does it act as a stress reliever?

Does it contribute to your feeling secure? Desired? Close?

In my conversation on the Deep Dive podcast we talk about my feelings around this question + why I think it’s so important in your dating + relationship life.

Check out the podcast episode + tell me what it inspires for you!

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