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How to Create Intention for your Next Psychedelic Experience.

How to Create Intention for your Next Psychedelic Experience:

  1. Sit + Reflect: At least several days before your session/ceremony.

  2. Tune In: Observe your present life happenings or a future desired outcome for yourself.

  3. Start the Intention with: Help me with / Teach me about / Show me / Reveal to me / Guide me / Provide me with the understanding to…

  4. Complete Intention with: a difficult emotion (fear, anger, sadness, guilt, shame, joy); a skill or quality (peace, compassion, connection, forgiveness, self-forgiveness, communication, parts of self we may have disconnected from through a challenging point in life); understanding or meaning around a distressing life situation or person

  5. Meditate: Have this intention present with you during your session so you can keep coming back to it for guidance + direction.

Setting yourself up with an intention before you start your psychedelic journey or ketamine assisted therapy session can be helpful in guiding your process.

Sometimes when you are in the space of psychedelics, your mind draws into it a myriad of ideas for you to look at and work through. This is because the part of the brain that acts as a filter is relaxed allowing for a more fluidity of thought, feeling and memory to occur.

Intention acts as an anchor to come back to and follow as you travel down the rabbit hole.

Intentions also do not need to be reserved for only a journey, but can also be used in your daily life as a compass to set you in the direction of your goals + dreams. They help us to create a relationship with life and what occurs around us.

What a beautiful texture to add to living. :)

**Disclaimer: Psychedelics + KAP are not for everyone. Please browse my website for more information + my full disclaimer.

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