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It isn’t the Psychedelic that will Save You

The word in Greek means “mind-manifesting.”

A beautiful ode to an experience that alters the shape of how you interact with the world thereafter.

Psychedelics have been a powerful tool of inspiration + insight to my own healing around sex, life, + love.

Their ability to turn down the part of the mind that keeps me looping in rumination so that I may see more clearly the affects of my past + the dreams of my future here on the present situations + symptoms.

What’s important to address when it comes to understanding psychedelics, is that it isn’t the substance that will save you.

That would be an illusion to your own power + inner healer.

I liken psychedelics to a muse that whispers provocative wisdoms + inspirations in my ear.

But then it is I, the artist, who takes the inspirations to create the painting.

Further, therapy in conjunction is like the seasoned guide who lights the dark path with a lantern to show you the rocks + the split paths that lay before us. Therapists help us see what abstract knowledge arises + identify action to integrate in the concrete reality.

And still—

We are the ones to do so.

As a ketamine-assisted therapist, I’m honored to be with my clients to access these parts of themselves that otherwise would feel so far away from access.

What a gift.

I just recorded an episode on Sex Love Psychedelics podcast about my experience with Ketamine as a client + clinician. I go into the unique properties of it in the therapeutic sense, as well as, I share why I personally went this route of therapy + how it was helpful along the way of healing after grief + post-COVID depression. I also share with you how it can be used for sex + relationship therapy.

How do we properly vet the facilitators before starting our work with them?

I put together a free guide full of questions that you can speak to your potential facilitator or therapist about.


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