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Psychedelics teach us that we can be our source for turn-on.

Often, we wait until something/someone outside of us activates the turn on + label that as the source.

It’s essential to map out what contexts accelerate our arousal (as well as what is putting on the brakes).

I want also to tell you that it doesn’t all exist outside of you. Use these as reference points for your turned-on state, AND know that cultivating your sexuality can facilitate your ability to self-source, too.

People who only date the evil boy/girl archetype or get caught in trauma bonds over + over may be addicted to the insane sexual chemistry that comes with it.

I get it.

It’s so hot + delicious that you don’t need much work to get wet/turn it on.

Suppose you don’t do the work necessary to cultivate a positive relationship with your body, learn about your desires and self-pleasure, + follow your sexual curiosities. In that case, you disempower yourself by requiring someone outside to be the catalyst.

Their skill + embodiment of eroticism then determines your ability to connect with yours.

This position makes you dependent on them, + in order not to lose that intense, pleasurable state of turn and + desire, you engage in fantasy, ignore the red flags, put up with breadcrumbs, or put the responsibility of your orgasm/pleasure/turn-on/good time onto them.

We are now expecting them to be the ones to provide it.

Upset or panicked when they aren’t available for that or can’t “make” you get off.

No one is responsible for your turn-on or your org. Sm, except for you.

Psychedelics teach us that if we use our inner resources: breath, sound, movement, visualization, and touch, we can be our sources for turn-on.

We can transform a “heady” psilocybin or LSD experience into a full-on tantric, energetic experience.

We can be inspired by nature’s erotic rhythm + pulsation.

Our senses can inspire us + become sovereign in our arousal + expression.

If you’re curious about learning more about the intersection of sex + psychedelics and working with me in this discovery--contact me.


Dr. Cat Meyer, PsyD, LMFT, is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex, trauma, and psychedelics in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. She is also a ceremonialist, author, teacher of yoga, and international speaker dedicated to evolving the relationship surrounding sexuality and our bodies. Through her company, SexLoveYoga, she leads online workshops, sensual retreats, + ketamine-assisted retreats for couples. She is also the host of Sex Love Psychedelics podcast.

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