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Sex, Love, and Psychedelics: A New Frontier for Healing and Intimacy

Since September 2022. I started collecting anecdotal data about your experience around sexuality and psychedelics.

344 responded, 80% completion rate (it’s quite comprehensive).

Here are the current results and share. Thank you all for participating. This info is so needed for us all.

70% did psychedelics in a sexual dynamic or for sexual intentions at least once

49.7% engaged in sexual activity while micro-dosing

35% have experienced using psychedelics in therapeutic environment at least once

46% in a ceremonial or group environment at least once

68% reported having some sort of “spiritual” experience while partaking

76% reported an increase of self-compassion while partaking

As more and more people experiment with psychedelics, the intersection of psychedelics and sexuality is

becoming an increasingly popular topic of discussion. From enhancing sexual experiences to deepening emotional intimacy, psychedelics are being used in a variety of ways to improve our relationships and our lives.

My recent survey on sex, love, and psychedelics revealed some fascinating insights into the ways in which people are using these substances to enhance their sexual experiences and relationships. Here are some of the key findings:

Psychedelics and Sex: A Match Made in Heaven?

The survey found that a whopping 70% of respondents had used psychedelics in a sexual context or for sexual intentions at least once. This suggests that there is a strong link between psychedelics and sexuality, and that many people are exploring this connection.

Additionally, nearly 50% of respondents reported engaging in sexual activity while micro-dosing. This revealed that a considerable number of respondents have engaged in sexual activity while micro-dosing, indicating the potential of psychedelics to enhance sexual desire and pleasure. It is important to note, however, that there are risks associated with combining sex and psychedelics, such as impaired judgment and increased vulnerability to unwanted experiences.

Psychedelics in Therapy and Ceremony

While many people use psychedelics in a recreational or casual setting, the survey found that a significant percentage of respondents had used psychedelics in a therapeutic or ceremonial context. 35% of respondents had used psychedelics in a therapeutic environment, while 46% had used them in a ceremonial or group setting.

These findings suggest that psychedelics are increasingly being recognized for their potential therapeutic benefits, particularly when it comes to treating conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Spiritual Experiences and Self-Compassion

Perhaps one of the most interesting findings of the survey was that a large percentage of respondents reported having spiritual experiences while using psychedelics. 68% of respondents reported some sort of "spiritual" experience while partaking.

Additionally, 76% of respondents reported an increase in self-compassion while using psychedelics. This suggests that psychedelics may have the potential to deepen our connection to ourselves and to the divine.

Using Psychedelics in Couples Therapy

Given the significant overlap between psychedelics and sexuality, it's perhaps unsurprising that many couples are now turning to psychedelics as a tool for improving their relationship. While the survey did not specifically ask about couples therapy, it's clear that psychedelics have the potential to deepen emotional intimacy and improve communication within relationships.

Psychedelic therapy, particularly with MDMA, has shown promising results in treating individuals with trauma, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. Given that many sexual difficulties are rooted in psychological factors, the use of psychedelics in couples therapy could prove to be a powerful tool in treating sexual dysfunction.

When it comes to specific types of psychedelics, ketamine has been found to have potential in treating sexual dysfunction and improving sexual intimacy. Psilocybin, the active compound in magic mushrooms, has been shown to enhance emotional connection and empathy, which could be particularly beneficial in developing intimacy with a partner. Ayahuasca, a powerful psychedelic brew traditionally used in South America for spiritual purposes, has been gaining popularity in the West for its therapeutic potential, including in treating trauma and addiction.

If you're interested in learning more about the intersection of sex, love, and psychedelics, be sure to check out my upcoming Sex Love Psychedelics course. This course will explore the many ways in which psychedelics can be used to enhance our sexual experiences, deepen our emotional intimacy, and improve our relationships.

Combining psychedelics and sexuality can have potential benefits, but it's important to be mindful and careful. If you're interested in exploring this area further, check out my guide to finding the right facilitator or program on sex, psychedelics, or plant medicine.

The intersection of psychedelics and sexuality is a fascinating and rapidly-evolving field, with the potential to transform our relationships and our lives. Whether you're interested in exploring psychedelics as a tool for personal growth, or as a means of improving your relationship, there's never been a better time to dive into this exciting and transformative world.


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