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SEX. So Last Night was HOT. Digital Seduction: Tantra

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

So Saturday night got really hot…

We held our final class of the 3 part series Digital Seduction + it was probably my favorite.

Here we dropping into the practice of#Tantra+ explored how intimate connection could be heightened through ritual + meditation.

As everyone trickled in, our ears were blessed with the angelic sound of@shannagilfix. A perfect way to set the stage + soothe our systems from the day. Melting away any stress still lingering from time before.

We started the evening by bringing the couples into exercises designed to open + relax the body.

Then we followed it with the tantric practice of transfiguration, which means to see the divinity + perfectness that is our partner. Imagine how this would transform your love making when you see your partner’s perfection rather than the flaws + shortcomings?

The zoom room really started to heat up as I introduced exercises of breath, sound, body movement, + conscious touch to activate the energy of the body.

Often when we make love, energy + our attention gets genitally focused, but here we get the whole body alive for pleasure.

@reesiprocity+@AmirImagelit the screen on FIRE with their body art performance with@tribalmarkers+ sultry dance to trance us with.

Vulnerability plays a powerful role here in opening us even further.@NayefZarrourguided everyone to drop even deeper into their understanding + expression of the love they hold for one another.

This was followed by sublimation, which is the practice of transmuting the energy from our lower chakras—or energy bodies— to our higher ones for heightened states of pleasure + ecstasy. This took the form of my very own signature erotic breath work, leaving everyone open + pulsating with juicy desire.

And so we quietly brought it to a close…allowing our couples to continue their sexy evening with each other.

In the comfort of their own homes.

An experience that requires you to go nowhere while you taste test something new + easily transition into the continuing unfolding of your sexy evening.

We create a strong container of consent, allowing you + your partner to make this your own experience with as little interaction towards the screen as possible + as much privacy as you like.

Our sex lives + the potential of it is infinite, but only if we allow ourselves to get curious about it + practice.

If you want to stay tuned to our next round of classes + our single edition, sign up for my newsletter or download my free erotic exploration meditation.

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