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LOVE. To Grow, We Must Lean into Risk

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Growth = Awareness + Risk Taking

If we have the awareness of ourselves, but don’t take any risks,

Then it simply remains a theory in our minds that we philosophize about.

If we take risks without the awareness of what it is we are doing, meaning, or striving for,

Then we may find ourselves repeating patterns, experiencing undesired consequences, or no new meaning to replace the old.

This concept is applicable across many aspects of lives that is so palpable today.

Socially, Politically, Racially, Sexually, Relationally…

Where are you taking action to incite awareness?

And in that, where are you leaning into your edge to risk expansion?

I love this work. I’m fascinated by the concept of evolution.

Watching minds, bodies, people, systems, change is a high excitement for me.

I don’t ascribe to ‘People don’t change’

Fuck that shit. That’s a prime example of victim consciousness.

They can, YOU can, + we do.

But only if you work to gain the Awareness + Take Risk .

Presently, I am humbling myself to gain more awareness + taking risks to speak up politically + socially, recognizing here I can grow more + I will do my best to give you the resources to do the same.

Primarily, my focus on evolutionary work is around sexuality, relationships, + trauma—which affect us all.

I am aware therapy is expensive.

And it’s expensive because of the cost of education.

Yet that also inhibits everyone from being able to receive the help they need.

Which is why I create so much free content or online classes/courses/workshops so it is more feasible to at least get your brain + body in that direction.

Recently I started 2 new opportunities to work for me for more accessible costs.

Digital Seduction Online Series. This is a powerful container for you + your lover to remember the sensual, playful side of your love life. With 3 different styles of classes to choose from, we've got plenty for you to "taste test" + see what feels best for you.

In.body Sexploration is a weekly class I will be hosting as a facilitator among The Create Community team of powerhouse humans all here to see you through your personal evolution. It’s an intimate container of members so you get more attention on what’s affecting you. The weekly classes with me have been powerful with breakthroughs, insights, permission, vulnerable shares, reclamations, + excitements. I'm in awe at what's transpiring + hope you'll join us.

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