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Using Sex and Psychedelics to Heal with Dr. Cat Meyer | EP 16

In this episode of Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This? Dr. Cat Meyer, a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in sex, trauma and ketamine-assisted therapy, discusses three things that are very buzzy these days.

Plus, she is an EMDR, Kambo facilitator and master Reiki practitioner. They discuss how to heal through sex and psychedelics and the power of reclaiming your pleasure instead of outsourcing it to others.

Cat and Emily discuss how shame and disconnection from your body can create challenges with feeling and embracing your desires. They also explore how somatic experiencing can be used to reconnect your brain and body and how this can help you discover not only what you want sexually but also in your daily life. Plus, they delve deep into the benefits of various psychedelics, their ability to alter consciousness and how they can facilitate emotional healing and trauma processing. Get ready for a wild ride.

There are so many insightful topics covered in this episode. What part resonated the most with you?

Watch this interview with Dr. Cat Meyer:

Dr. Cat Meyer, PsyD, LMFT, is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex, trauma, and psychedelics in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. She is also a ceremonialist, author, teacher of yoga, and international speaker dedicated to evolving the relationship surrounding sexuality and our bodies. Through her company, SexLoveYoga, she leads online workshops, sensual retreats, + ketamine-assisted retreats for couples. She is also the host of Sex Love Psychedelics podcast.

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