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What was your biggest revelation regarding sex that you had while on psychedelics?

I identified themes of:

  • Freedom of expression from inhibitions and judgment

  • Increase of Pleasure in the Body

  • Deeper feelings of Partner Connection

  • Sex as an Energetic Experience

Freedom of expression from inhibitions and judgment

  • When I'm in my head too much, I have a hard time feeling free and sexual; I noticed that when I'm on MDMA or LSD, I get out of my thoughts/head and can enjoy physical sensations. I've had my best sex ever when on psychedelics. I want to have the best sex ever without needing psychedelics, so I'm conscious now of how in my head I tend to be and try to focus on being in my body.

  • I felt calm, open and present. I felt my heart space open up without worry that I was doing sex “wrong” - there wasn’t worry of judgment, expectations or comparisons

  • That I can be uninhibited and fully present and enjoy my pleasure and not just worry about if I’m good enough for my partner

  • On mushrooms, my biggest revelation was to be able to receive pleasure without having to give. On MDMA, it was very accessible, and I asked for what I wanted.

Increase of Pleasure in the Body

  • Cannabis-how amazing slowing down and feeling the touch more deeply could be

  • MDMA. The beauty of touch, all senses experiencing the moment

  • Ketamine allows me to relax and find a trance-like focus that will enable me to let go and enjoy sex more completely. I feel more pleasure, which usually leads to bigger and better orgasms.

  • That being less in your head and more in your body makes for a much better connection sexually. MDMA, Ketamine

  • MDMA- I realised how much body dysmorphia can negatively impact sex. I also learned how my fear of vulnerability affects my sex life. Removing both of those with MDMA has led me on a healing journey to have similar experiences without MDMA

Deeper Feelings of Partner Connection

  • MDMA, along with four months of couples’ sex therapy, MDMA journeys saved my marriage. Able to 100000% open up (partner as well) to each other and share our most intimate desires ( verbally and physically), able to transform old trauma wounds from previous relationships and generational trauma.

  • That I have needs. I had suppressed those after becoming a mother. Now, it’s not for him, but a shared experience. It is much more fun! penetrative intercourse

  • I was able to feel my partner’s pleasure. It felt like our energy combined into a single source of love

Sex as an Energetic Experience

  • My biggest realisation about sex on a solid dose of mushrooms was that we are all sexual beings and that our sexual energy is a powerful driving force we connect to. Our sexual energy is the energy of creation, divinity, and God - and as such, it has great potential for beauty, magic, and growth - just as much as it can be abused and taken advantage of for nefarious or selfish reasons. My takeaway from this realisation was that self-discipline, reverence, and respect are of the utmost importance while interacting with this energy, alone or accompanied.

  • We can be more embodied and connect deeper with ourselves and our partner(s) when we take the time to slow down and tune in. We can enjoy a whole other level of energetic experience that’s not just outward ejaculation.

  • That energy passed between two people is so real, so present, and felt deeply together, and that the best sex comes from seeing that point, genuinely seeing your partner for who they are and embracing that fully.

  • On LSD, feeling the intense and innate energetic bonding happening during the exchange and transfer of energy during sex is natural.

  • That I can trust my partner. I can feel our energies swirling. I can feel his love, and he can feel mine without being blurred by the outside world.

  • LSD and psilocybin at the same time - while my husband made me orgasm, everything in my field of view went dark, to a black and white patterned point, then as the rush of my orgasm hit, everything exploded into a million colours, tracers and patterns and light everywhere, and extreme sense of euphoria poured about feeling the most profound connection to my husband's soul, my home, the world. Everything felt possible and beautiful in that moment, and I truly felt that that moment made me know what it means to be alive and have the human experience - to love, be loved, and live in pleasure, beauty and joy in this short time.

  • The power and feeling of energetic connection without penetration.

  • My most significant revelation came while on LSD. During one experience, I saw sex in its most glorious form - the intertwinement of endless energies as the infinite experienced itself. The concept of physical boundaries dissolved; there was no "I", no "partner", and only the infinite in a never-ending dance of bliss. It was an experience that stayed with me and enhanced my perception and understanding of sex even when I am not on any psychedelics.

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