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YOGA. Breathe for Greater Orgasm (with audio guide)

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Breath is a powerful tool for unlocking greater potential in orgasmic pleasure.

Breathing is an incredibly powerful tool that we take for granted because it occurs involuntarily by the Limbic system of the brain. When we breathe, it helps us to relax and open to greater sensation. It helps us to ground back down into our physical bodies and out of our busy heads. It helps us to clear the emotional weight from stress and it helps to cleanse our body of toxins.

And while breathing may be voluntary, that doesn’t mean we using it to its optimal potential. For instance, we typically go about our day breathing with short, quick expansions of our chest, This limits our capacity of experiencing all the hundreds of thousands of sensations that are occurring in every moment around us.

Our lung capacity is about 6 liters of air, but we are only actually utilizing MAYBE 70%.

In a sense, this may be our way of “protecting” ourselves from overstimulation or from detecting into our awareness something that we do not want to be experiencing. The problem with this is, that it simultaneously limits our capacity of experiencing