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YOGA. Breathe for Greater Orgasm (with audio guide)

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Breath is a powerful tool for unlocking greater potential in orgasmic pleasure.

Breathing is an incredibly powerful tool that we take for granted because it occurs involuntarily by the Limbic system of the brain. When we breathe, it helps us to relax and open to greater sensation. It helps us to ground back down into our physical bodies and out of our busy heads. It helps us to clear the emotional weight from stress and it helps to cleanse our body of toxins.

And while breathing may be voluntary, that doesn’t mean we using it to its optimal potential. For instance, we typically go about our day breathing with short, quick expansions of our chest, This limits our capacity of experiencing all the hundreds of thousands of sensations that are occurring in every moment around us.

Our lung capacity is about 6 liters of air, but we are only actually utilizing MAYBE 70%.

In a sense, this may be our way of “protecting” ourselves from overstimulation or from detecting into our awareness something that we do not want to be experiencing. The problem with this is, that it simultaneously limits our capacity of experiencing sensations that can also be pleasurable.

Have you ever caught yourself holding your breath in your day?

I suggest practicing being present with your breath rhythm at different points in your day. This helps you to notice sensation of the air as it enters in through your nostrils, down the back of your throat, expanding your lungs and belly, and then passing back up and out of your body again. This practice of concentration not only anchors you back into your body, but you start becoming aware of your body’s experience both subtle and strong.

Now I know this can feel unusual at first because we don’t normally stop in the middle of our day to listen to our own breathing. You can set an alarm or a note in your calendar at a couple of different points in your day to remind yourself to tune inward. Or you can set up a specific activity that is already in your day to associate your breathing practice with. For me, it’s every time I get in my car to drive somewhere, I’ll start with a few rounds of breathing and then either continue it for the rest of the drive, or go back to whatever else I was doing.

Mid sexual escapade, coming back to the experience of your breath and learning control can benefit you in multiple ways. First, it shifts you out of the mechanical motion of the up/down, in/out, mindless action and slows you down a moment to come back into what sexiness is happening right in front of you.

Second, slowing and deepening your breath contributes to your body relaxing. When you are able to relax, your body becomes more sensitive, increasing your bodily experience in the moment. As you relax into your body through breath, your boundaries become more permeable, and thrilling feelings can pass more easily between your two bodies.

See if you can use your breath as a way to keep your muscles open and flexible when they contract and tense with excitement. When you become aware, slow the breath and relax the muscles as you continue to hold onto the excitement of the moment.

Breath work is also common in treatment for reducing difficulties in orgasm and erections.

Breathing intentionally into the area of difficulty increases blood circulation for better functioning and sensitivity.

Here’s a free audio for guided breathing.

Want more?

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