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YOGA. Chakras and Your Well-Being

What are chakras and what can they tell us about our state of well-being?

In the tradition, chakras are  vortexes of energy spinning in various areas of our body. Most often we refer to 7 primary chakras, although different traditions list anywhere from 12 to hundreds within our own being. The chakra system is a powerful model to describe the interconnection between the emotional, physical, and energetic realms of each of our existences. For instance, each of these 7 chakras we will discuss have been associated with the endocrine system, each correlating to a particular organ in this physical system. Simultaneously, we find that patterns of emotions and thought patterns associated with particular areas of the body. Where one area of the body or organ is under or over-functioning, a similar pattern of emotional disturbance can often exist.

For optimal health and overall well-being, we seek to find balance among each of these 7 chakras. Here’s a brief introduction into what that could look like for you:

Muladhara (Root). Associated with the gonads, this chakra represents our sense of secu