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YOGA. Discovering Intimacy Retreat

Imagine waking up every morning to the sounds of the jungle, being kissed by the warm rays of the sun, misted by the waters of the salty ocean, getting playful among a family of like-minded individuals, coming home to your body, and diving deep into the workings of your heart to expand your pleasure and relationship potential. This was the essence of our Discovering Intimacy Retreat held in the beautiful land of Nosara, Costa Rica.

For many of us we are going about our lives overworking, overstressed, not having good sex, repeating the same dating or relationship patterns and overall just not in our bodies. How long can we sustain this type of lifestyle?

Sometimes we need a break; however, life is not going to give you this break…it’s something that you have to create for yourself.

Attending transformational retreats are powerful ways to catapult your growth to the next level. In this 6 day journey with my co-hosts Andrew Sealy and Dr Sarah Schewitz, we took couples and individuals on an experience to deeper their connection and intimacy with the Self and others. Using practices based in relationship psychology, acro and partner yoga, tantra, and the innate wisdom of the Costa Rican land, attendees experienced embodying love, playfulness, and connectedness on a whole new level.

Each day attendees were led through a series of practices designed to identify that which causes disconnection, deepen the relationship with the self and others and create the lifestyle and love that is more connected and pleasure-filled.

The first couple of days focused primarily on the self, how an embodied lifestyle benefits our health, our pleasure, sex, and showing up more powerfully in our relationships. Our yoga classes were designed to help everyone drop back down into their physical being and experience what it’s like to get grounded into feeling. Most of our attendees had little to no yoga experience, so this was incredibly fun for us to witness their experience and progression!

As the retreat continued, we dropped in and got real about the patterns of love and relationships we perpetuate. These workshops created powerful insight and strategies for shifting into roles we’d rather step into to living the exact love lives we’d prefer to have. From Dr. Sarah’s Imago couples work and Dr. Cat’s embodied communication class, attendees became well-equipped with how they could implement their insights into practical application.

At our retreat we believe the greatest lessons are learned experientially! Which is why we incorporated playshops on acro yoga and Thai massage to help attendees better understand concepts of intimacy, conscious touch, sensuality, communication, and presence. Check out some of the videos and photos for all the fun!

Adventures on ATV through the countryside, trips exploring the town, community charity work planting trees, guided visualizations on the expansive Costa Rican beach bonded the group in play, support, community, and shared experiences.

Shamanic breathwork, led by Dr Cat brought our attendees through a guided journey of bringing the body to experience full surrender, allowing for tears, insights, orgasms, and deep release to overtake. The introduction to tantra workshop provided attendees the basic principals and practices of tantra to increase sensation, connection, and pleasure potential.

By the end of the week, our attendees reported feeling like family, having bonded deeply over shared insights, experiences, and fun. An incredible opportunity to ignite and catapult each of us forward into embodying a greater love for Self and our loved ones in our lives.

Check out our video of the entire trip here!

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See you soon, lovers!

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