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You cannot create sex hormones + stress hormones at the same time

Last week I had a conversation with a dear friend who is masterful in her erotic nature. The way she inhabits her body + moves through time + space from her se.xual center is alluring + positively activating. 🔥

This conversation, however, was one of distress as she shared fear that she had lost her erotic sparkle. She didn't feel she was as magnetic towards men + was even having a more challenging time with maintaining experiences of pleasure + O’s.

I asked her about what was going on in her life at present, to which she shared a story of extensive stress + anxiety.

“Ah, yes.” I said. “There is nothing wrong or broken about you. Right now your body is more in a resting/healing stage, meaning the hormones being produced by your body are fit towards survival rather than s.x + reproduction. You won’t be stuck here forever, but let’s talk about how you can move towards correcting this internal imbalance.”

I shared my personal story about my s.xuality coming into resting/healing phase, too during the month I got COVID + grieving my father’s passing. It’s important to honor the body + give it the rest it needs, but that doesn’t mean we need to shut out the pleasure. It just will look differently as we move through this stage. Being kind + gentle towards yourself is critical.

From there we discussed returning to practices of self-pleasure + sensuality. This could look s.xual but it doesn’t have to. Being intentional about our pleasure + our bodies away from stress + back into a space of regulating the nervous system + what feels good... not only helps us to navigate stressful life situations more effectively, but also helps the body to stay in production of the hormones that support our s*xuality.

That’s precisely why I created my Sensual Awakening 14 day course. To help individuals find the balance again in their bodies + lives that they live.

Check it out here:

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