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In this age we are inundated with information and it can be overwhelming!! Having insight and information for your sexual intelligence is important, but if we don’t then embody what we learn cognitively then we are only going to become more frustrated.

In our carefully designed programs, we combine the academic knowledge of research and sexual neurology and physiology with the body awareness of yoga to bring you in better connection with yourself, your partner, and your sexuality.

Whether you want to join us online for one of our specially designed programs for intimacy and sex therapy or join us in person for one of our exotic and transformational retreats, you’re in the right place!

Check it out below and we’ll see you soon!


Stay in bed! Our online programs are designed for anyone anywhere to access and incorporate into their daily lives. Be guided by weekly course content and videos to get you back into your body and back into sensual sex. Find our online  couples sex therapy content



Wanting a deeper, in-person experience in an exotic location where you can fully dive in? Join us for a couples or individual retreat full of fun, sensuality, self-discovery, and empowerment.


Not ready for a program just yet? Need a refresher? Want to work on some single set skills? We got you! Join us online or in-person for one of our many workshops designed to improve your sex, love, and yoga life. You deserve your highest potential.

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