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LOVE. Body Love Daily

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Improving the relationship with our body is a consistent, on-going one. When we can take the steps to remove that which is fueling anything less than love + surround ourselves with those that fill us, we are not only making steps to changing personal programing, but cultural, as well. And I get it, there are so many articles out there about self-love + body love, yet if you've actually read them, many of them give lofty ideas that aren't easy or practical steps meeting you where you are at right now. So here are a few ideas I have found accessible + genuinely helpful.

🖤 Comb through your instagram + social media follows to unsubscribe to any of those that stimulate thoughts of feeling physically less than, shame, or guilt. Increase your follows with body-positive, healthy life, + love inspiring accounts. When asked my IG followers who some of their favorite accounts are, they shared: @andrea.e.nicholas, @icreatemillionares, @fullyrawkristina, @mannykoshbin, @ginaswire, @luckymakeup, @adrienelouise, @theedgecocreative, @krystalaranyani, @rhythmbodysoul, @jadebug98, @the_yoni_empire, @thebirdspapaya, @meggangrubb, @busybee.carys, @julietallen, @gypsyloveflow, @adam.roa, @bondiguru, @jameelajamil, @josefinabashout, @trustyourbodyproject, @chalenejohnson, @jadealectra, @tandygutierrez, @trustyourbodyproject, @hormonewarriordiane, @metamethod, @amberleitz, @evaclay, @blairelindsay, @rosie.rees,

🖤 When you do catch yourself speaking unkindly, practice self-compassion: be kind about it, remember this is a collective human experienced