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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Improving the relationship with our body is a consistent, on-going one. When we can take the steps to remove that which is fueling anything less than love + surround ourselves with those that fill us, we are not only making steps to changing personal programing, but cultural, as well. And I get it, there are so many articles out there about self-love + body love, yet if you've actually read them, many of them give lofty ideas that aren't easy or practical steps meeting you where you are at right now. So here are a few ideas I have found accessible + genuinely helpful.

🖤 Comb through your instagram + social media follows to unsubscribe to any of those that stimulate thoughts of feeling physically less than, shame, or guilt. Increase your follows with body-positive, healthy life, + love inspiring accounts. When asked my IG followers who some of their favorite accounts are, they shared: @andrea.e.nicholas, @icreatemillionares, @fullyrawkristina, @mannykoshbin, @ginaswire, @luckymakeup, @adrienelouise, @theedgecocreative, @krystalaranyani, @rhythmbodysoul, @jadebug98, @the_yoni_empire, @thebirdspapaya, @meggangrubb, @busybee.carys, @julietallen, @gypsyloveflow, @adam.roa, @bondiguru, @jameelajamil, @josefinabashout, @trustyourbodyproject, @chalenejohnson, @jadealectra, @tandygutierrez, @trustyourbodyproject, @hormonewarriordiane, @metamethod, @amberleitz, @evaclay, @blairelindsay, @rosie.rees,

🖤 When you do catch yourself speaking unkindly, practice self-compassion: be kind about it, remember this is a collective human experienced by most all, shift to non-judgement rather than criticism that you did it.

🖤 Be in relationship with how your body FEELS rather than how it looks. Practicing interoceptive awareness (the awareness from within your body) helps us to ground back into our authentic truth + experience.

🖤 Take a course on sexuality, yoga or acro-yoga, dance, or something else that would invite your body into learning something new it can do!

🖤 Journal love notes to different parts of your body. Write various parts of your body as a poem to come back to from time to time.

🖤 Toss out the weighing scale + stop counting calories. This may be further contributing to stress causing the body to have more difficulty internally. Check out my Eat Play Sex podcast episode 66

🖤 Leave notes around your house or hang up quote posters that inspire + uplift. is my favorite source to find.

🖤 Mirror practice. After showering or while you're washing your face in the am, take a few moments to say some loving accolades to your body! We might be interrupting some automatic negative talk there, and it may be difficult to believe at first, so pick a part of your body that feels easier to speak to.

🖤 Dance naked in front of the mirror

🖤 Self-pleasure or masturbate in front of the mirror

🖤 Get present to your meal as you eat. Put away the Netflix, take a couple of deep breaths to calm any nerves or stress, give gratitude for your meal, + savor each bite. Yum!

🖤 Drink more water. Dehydration contributes to feeling less energized, digestive issues, bloating, foggy brain, and so much more.

🖤 Remember that attractiveness has a lot more to do with physical appearance + has most to do with the energy we emanate. Living a life of pleasure + love over fear + disgust is highly desirable.

🖤 Move your body daily (or at least most days). Dance, yoga, run, shake, gym trainer, or whatever exercise floats your boat, just be sure to get moving so toxins in our body don't stagnate contributing to greater issues.

🖤 Slow down everything. Feeling constantly in a rush + not giving ourselves the time + space for transition can cause our nervous system to be in a constant state of fight or flight, creating further internal issues to our body.

🖤 Take a still life drawing class in your area + learn to really appreciate different body types, as your attention is so fully focused in creating art.

🖤 Diaphragmatic breath work, practicing breathing from deep in your belly versus just in your chest. Think about allowing the belly to bowl outward + staying with the sensation all the way through. I'll do a 10 round practice of this daily, as it helps to relax tension I hold + store here.

🖤 Watch documentaries like: Embrace, The Sixty Six Percent, Straight/Curve, Plus Sized Wars, The Illusionists.

Ultimately remember that this is a practice + it does take time for our conditioning to change both personally + socially. All the more reason to do it daily.

Got more ideas that have worked for you? Let me know!

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