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SEX. Reviving Your Sex Life from the Grips of a Long-term Relationship

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

We think that being in long-term relationships equals the slow death of our sex life. While some couples can allow this fate to happen, it does not have to be your reality.

Whether you are the wild woman feeling crushed by the repeated ‘not now, honey’ of your partner, or the badass, power women with no libido juice after working excessive hours on her empire, there’s still hope for a exciting sex life! You will have to make it a priority; however, and check out some of these tips to start.

My 5 tips to reviving your sex life.

1. Certainty is the death of growth…and in this case your sexual evolution. In long term relationships we believe we are certain that we know who our partner is as a person; and we are certain we know all the tric