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SEX. The Power of Ritual

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Ritual as in sex magic??

Only if you want it to be, but in this article I’m sharing with you the power in creating the sex and sensual lifestyle that you’ve been wanting. To live a life with more sensuality and embodiment, we must make it a regular practice for ourselves. It isn’t just a one time act and BOOM I’m embodied.

At the same time, these busy, hectic lives that we lead can make it difficult to imagine space for such a practice. We want to catch a break, but they don’t seem to come. I get it, because I lived that life. AND I’m telling you that it isn’t just going to pop up in your life. You must CREATE space which then paradoxically creates more energy, time, and the life you actually wanted to live without even knowing it.

One powerful way you can create the time and space is through morning and/or evening and/or pre-sex ritual.

Rituals are actually really psychologically powerful. A ritual is a series of symbolic actions performed before, during, and after meaningful events. They can be helpful in creating an erotic experience because when you get in the habit of preparing for sex with your partner or with just yourself using the same specific agreed upon actions can help put you more easily into the mindset of sex. Preparatory a