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SEX. What is Sexual Polarity?

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

SEX. Sexual polarity. The experience of magnets as two people embody opposite ends to attract one another.

Masculine + Feminine

Dark + Light

Top + Bottom

Wild + Rooted

Dominating + Submitting

Emotional attraction. The experience of similarity creating connection + safety.


Shared Values.


Mutual Respect.


Honest communication.

Relationships thrive when both of these co-exist between 2 partners (or more).

Low Polarity between partners occurs when there is too much of an overlap of shared lives, leaving little to the uniqueness of the individual. Sometimes we see this when partners own companies together + all they talk about is business, the kids, what happened with the clients that day. Some couples would describe their partner here as their best friend, but not someone they would want to tear their clothes off + f*ck.

High polarity between partners occurs when there is a vast difference in qualities creating that bodies CRAVING each other + unable to leave the other alone. Powerful + really fun, but if there isn’t so much of the emotional attraction, then communication + deeper connection can suffer. These are the partnerships that blow up in fights or fits of passion both angry + annoyed but also hot. We don’t want to leave bc the sex is so good…but it’s also tearing us up. Sometimes can be a trauma bond, activating or “complimenting” each other’s childhood wounds. Sometimes we feel this when we feel we are “needed” by another, thereby feeding the part of us that otherwise feels less worth.

Then there’s relationships that have a more balance in their polarity + emotional connection. There’s a more relaxed state of being, you can have connective conversations + effective communication through vulnerability, while also be able to shift into opposing polarities to ignite desire between you. This takes work to create + maintain over longer periods of time. To expect it to simply be “natural” is setting yourself up for failure.

Now I know it’s been challenging over this quarantine to maintain polarity, as we’ve been sharing the same space under the same roof with our partner more often than usual.

Check out part 2, I’m sharing with you tips on how you can increase polarity + emotionally connected.

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