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LOVE. How Our Perceived 'Certainty' Around Racism Is Contributing to the Problem

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

“I know.”

Certainty is the death of growth.

For if we are certain, then there’s nowhere else to go.

“I know” is a sneaky little bugger, killing potential for further investigation + radical action to favor the more impressive quality for knowing things. In reality? No matter how much we “know” there is another side to the story + an infinite amount of questions that can expand our awareness.

Sometimes we need to hear things over + over until it clicks. Thus, rolling our eyes or making a big fuss over being told something again is not helping, but rather blocking.

When we are convinced + attached to the notion that our brain is telling us, we lose out on receiving a deeper knowledge.

True listening is an art form, requiring presence, patience, + humbling ourselves.

We can still be good people + not know everything.

Don’t let the dissonance trip you up, making you believe that some form of ignorance makes you a bad person. Simply, be mindful of receiving without defensiveness.

And we can build a better relationship.

Perhaps you're looking for information on how to have these conversations more effectively.

Perhaps you're looking for support in better understanding yourself.

Perhaps you're looking for opportunities to be a part of the solution rather than the problem.

I hear you.

And over the past week I've been diving in deep to educate myself on where I may be blind.

I deeply apologize for anything I may have done to contribute to the divide in racial equality + safety in this culture we live in.

I am humbling myself to be an open vessel to learn.

Along this process, I've compiled some of my favorite resources from trusted individuals to share with you.

Feel free to share.

Feel free to ask me questions.

Feel free to suggest.

In love,

Dr Cat

Credits to EVERYONE who has been posting articles, youtube videos, books, lectures, programs to help others find what they need.

A major thanks to Palomi Sheth, Melysa Griffin, Siana Ọrun-Walker, The Jaguar Collective who have been major contributors to the compilation of this list.

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