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LOVE. Dating More Than One?

Navigating any type of relationship comes with its own unique (and not so unique) challenges. Navigating open or poly relationships are no exception. While it gives us permission to think beyond the conventional ideology of ‘relationship’ and think about what it really is that we want, we must remember that there are other human hearts who in a co-creator role and also have feelings and desires that may or may not compliment our own.

Here are 4 questions to stimulate self-inquiry and help you tune back inward and towards what’s most in alignment with you.

1. How much time do you really have to give to a relationship? Building a single, sustaining, and healthy relationship takes time and energy and attention. More or less depending upon the type of relationship you are creating, whether it be sexual, casual, intimate, or partnership. We have a finite amount of time and energy in each day to which we allocate to the various parts of ourselves and the purpose of what we choose to do in this lifetime. How we choose to disperse this energy determines how we progress forward or maintain health and wholeness with any one of those intentions. If I’m working on building my empire in my career, how much time and energy do I need to make sure it continues to move forward? If I want to maintain the physical health of my body, what is this going to look like on a daily basis? If I want to develop a tantra or sensual lifestyle or practice, what will my practice look like? When levels of priority you have