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LOVE. Holding Space

What does it mean to “hold space,” and why has it become such a buzz word?

Holding space is creating an environment with your own presence for someone to feel safe enough to be vulnerable and share their process–whatever this looks like. It is a privilege to hold space, as the person you are witnessing is trusting you to see an internal world that they may not feel is pretty. You don’t have to agree, just listen and show that you see them. What powerful medicine when someone just sees us and doesn’t try to fix.

Tips on how to hold space:

1. Environment

Be in an area that preferably has little to no distraction, easy to hear one another without straining, and with only those people present with whom the sharer wants to know their vulnerability. If the environment is too loud or distracting, the person may have trouble stringing their thoughts and words together, especially if they are under distress regarding the topic. If the person fear that undesired others may enter into, or listen in, then the person may not feel safe to disclos