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LOVE. How to Get Them to Show Up More Powerfully In the Relationship

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

“My man isn’t showing up for me powerfully. How can I get him to step up?”

I hear this statement made so often from women who are not feeling supported or getting their needs met in the relationship. For some relationships, resentment builds and for others this is the reason they end.

Yet what does it mean to ‘show up powerfully’ and is it something that can be effectively fixed?

To show up in a relationship means to be present, attentive, and participating in the co-creation and maintenance of the relationship, self, and partner. A relationship does not run on the activity of one single person, but the inter-influence of two or more people’s input. We can further identify various qualities that encapsulate showing up including: appreciation, attention, cooperation, empathy, generosity, and support. The trouble here is that many times we assume the other person should know how to show up in the exact ways that we need them to, only to be disappointed when they don’t. To powerfully show up means that we do these acts willingly and wholeheartedly.