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LOVE. November: #TheMonthOfExpandingPleasure

How good can we stand it?

How much pleasure can we hold?

The potential?


Yet our conditioning says only so much.

Hitting the edge of what we’ve known to hold before, activates the internal alarm.

All security responds as if to bring us back down to where it’s comfortable.


We’ve never had so much $ in our bank account before

We’ve never felt so much love in relationship before.

We’ve never held so much success in business before.

We’ve never held so much responsibility in life before.

And our nervous system activates to keep up.

‘This is a first, are we sure we have the resources to hold it?’

The edge is uncomfortable.

We reach for food, sex, affairs, TV to disconnect,

Numb out,

Bring us back down from the high.

It’s ‘too much.’


We believe we can’t sustain.

This limit has not been met before.

Anxiety to the pleasure.

As we shutter under the expanding sensation.

The letting go triggers our need to know + control.

But then how do we ever grow—

Past this point of our upper limit?

What if instead we leaned into the edge of discomfort?

What if we chose to stay engaged?

What if we celebrated our achievements—

Our body soaking in the expanding excitement?

‘Holy fuck I’m doing it. And it feels so good.’

What if instead of identifying with ‘overwhelm’ we reframed as ‘max capacity’?

What if instead of numbing into comfort we stretched, danced, shook, giggled, + sang?

What if we chose expansion over contraction?

What if we sat with our gratitude?

What if we adopted a new mantra.

‘And with this, I can hold more.’

Welcoming November as #TheMonthOfExpandingOurPleasure

Where we will explore all the ways that we sabotage our own pleasure potential in life, love, + sex.

Real Talk: I’m a few days late to starting our November theme. At first I was getting onto myself about it, but I just couldn’t decide what theme to start it! Then I realized I hadn’t started because I was SO present + enjoying the pleasure that has been my last week. THERE’S SO MUCH! So giving myself permission to be in it rather than guilt myself for not taking the time out to share with you all, allowed me to not sabotage it, but welcome in more.

Here’s to a month of total pleasure…you ready?

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